Steps to purchase

Steps to Purchase a Property

  1. Selection of property
  2. Payment of deposit to secure selection
  3. Appointment with an English speaking Spanish solicitor
  4. Open a Spanish Bank Account
  5. Once final payment is received the property will be signed over to you in front of a public notary

Viewing Trips

To make an inspection trip is the best way to explore your chosen area and to view our extensive portfolio of properties. We will organise a personalised trip following a discussion to establish your specific needs and budget. We endeavour to make these trips informative and fun.

Should you find the ideal property we will arrange:

  • An introduction to an English speaking lawyer.
  • Assistance with opening a bank account with a major Spanish bank and acquiring a mortgage (as required).

To immediately reserve the property of your choice you will need to bring a cheque for either €4,000.00 and be in a position to pay 30% (depending on property: 10% to 30%) of the property price within 30 days.

Frequent flights all year round make an inspection easy and inexpensive.


  • Cantabria: Flights to Santander with Ryanair and Iberia. Other possibilities are flying to Bilbao and Asturias (also Vitoria, Madrid and Zaragoza) with Ryanair, Easytjet, British Airways, Iberia, Aerlingus...
  • Castellón: Flights to Valencia with Ryanair, Easyjet, Iberia, Aerlingus, British airways... Other option is Reus Airport (Ryanair) and very soon Castellon airport (under construction).
  • Almería: Flights to Almeria with Ryanair, Easyjet, Aerlingus, Iberia... Other options are flying to Alicante, Murcia, Granada and Málaga airports.

We can help you to organize flights, cars, accomodation... Don't hesitate to contact us to help you with preparatives.

Financial Information

Should a mortgage be required we can assist in designing the financial package that best suits your needs and budget. Use the equity in your current home or alternatively you can access up to 90% (new properties) or 50% (country properties and land) of purchase price through a Spanish bank. We will provide you with information on the best interest rates, fees and accompany you to the bank to make sure arrangements run smoothly.(*)

(*) Always remember to budget for an additional 10% + above the purchase price to cover Spanish VAT (7 %), Notary and Registration fees, legal fees, stamp duty, mortgage acquisition costs and other incidental costs.

Off-Plan Properties

This option, favoured by many major investors, involves purchasing properties which can only be viewed as plans or models. You can also purchase off plan in the early stages of buildings in some of our carefully selected developments.

The advantages of this are primarily in the high rates of return, which can be significant as these properties are normally cheaper than those already completed. In addition you can have a say in how your property will be finished and sometimes request specific features.

The standard method once a property has been selected is to pay a deposit, this varies with different projects but is usually 30 percent of the purchasing price. The remainder is paid in installments with final payment after the finished building is 'delivered'.

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