Castellon & Eastern Spain

For very long a forgotten land, far from big cities airports and major infrastructure. This has been in some ways positive, as it has brought us an almost untouched jewel into the 21st century.

The world heritage medieval towns and sites that crown the inland hills. The very fertile valleys and mountains covered in lush Mediterranean vegetation. The impressive Mediterranean oak and pine woods everywhere, the omnipresent wild rosemary and thyme. The friendliness welcome of its inhabitants, and the excellent cuisine of its many country restaurants make Castellon province in the Valencia region an ideal place for your holiday home.

Culture and history is present in every town. South of Madrid and Barcelona, far enough from the Pirinees, bordering the Mediterranean, make this area blessed by a permanent Spring weather. The inland fincas and country houses, although near the Mediterranean, lack the humidity of seaside areas in Winter. The city of Valencia is only one hour drive. Barcelona, Tarragona or Zaragoza are all great cities located at a short distance.

Airports: Valencia, Reus, Barcelona, Alicante, Zaragoza. Castellon airport is being built and is to be completed by early 2008.

Castellón and surrounding Airports